Ziggy Gordon post match Monday

Ziggy Gordon spoke to the press following the 2-0 defeat away against St. Mirren, and Accies reporter Martin McConnell was there to hear…..

Were you disappointed with the result tonight?

“Of course I was. We came here to win the game and secure another Premiership season and we didn’t do that. The boys, I can’t criticize them at all. Every single one gave everything and we had the better of the chances in the game. Football is all about fine lines and we learned that this evening and fine lines can be very sore.”

Was that a long night after Alex was sent off? You were up against it after that.

“When Alex was sent off I think it hurt us. Up until then they had more of the ball but we had the better chances in the game. We looked the more threatening and a wee bit of luck or a bit of skill somewhere in the final third I  thought would have got us a goal.  I was very confident in the first fifteen or twenty minutes that we would win the game. But that changed the game and Alex knows that, the squad knows that. That’s football and as I said it’s all about fine lines, it’s milliseconds that change game’s and that was a crucial part of the game.”

George had a great chance for the lead in the first few minutes didn’t he?

“Yes, when I saw the lad make a poor back header I  thought immediately that we were going to score here. George is in a rich vein of form and has been since he’s came to the club. I thought it’s an easy touch around the keeper and straight in the goal but I was fifty yards away. I don’t know what the angle was like but I thought that the way he took it around the keeper would leave him to put it away with his left foot. I wasn’t in a good position and I haven’t asked George if it was too tight an angle but he’ll know himself. Then we had Mickel’s chance in the second half and from what I’ve been told, if he’d squared it for Tony, he’d have had a tap in. But as I said, these are fine lines and we were defending for our lives at times. I’m flat out on my feet after the ninety minutes and couldn’t have given anything more and that’ll probably be the same for every single member of the team. We can hold our heads high and are a point ahead of St. Mirren with a game to go. Last match of the season and if you’d asked me would I like that scenario, then yes of course I  would.”

It’s still in your own hands though isn’t it?

“Yes, it’s still in our own hands. They go away to Dundee and obviously we don’t know what type of Dundee are going to turn up. Let’s be honest it’s the last game of the season and they’ve already been relegated but it doesn’t matter what Dundee turn up on the day. It doesn’t matter what St. Mirren turn up and it doesn’t matter what St. Johnstone turn up, it only matters that we turn up and I know that on any given day, at home, I fancy us against anyone.”

Is it a test of nerves now?

“Not really, because we need to go and win the game. End of story. At home on Saturday against a good St. Johnstone side, we need to win the game. There’s no nerves as we need to win the game, we know exactly what has to be done. When you go into a game knowing that you need a result then it’s a bit different. All be it we went into the game today to try and win it. Next week, win the game and go on holiday.”