Tony Andreu Post Match

Accies reporter Mark Gillespie spoke with #TonyAndreu22 after the game


Goal scorer Tony Andreu spoke to the press following the 1-0 victory at Dens…..

Did you know how important that penalty potentially was for Hamilton as you were about to take it? The fact that it could mean Premiership football next season?

“Yes, you know every single goal is important at this stage of the season. No matter if I score it or someone else, it’s going to be crucial that we score in every game from now until the end of the season. So yes, it’s very important and more so because we won, and that’s always a good thing. We’ll now refocus for the next game for it’s not finished at all.”

You played very well particularly in the second half, is that the type of performance that the side will have to reproduce to get a result at St. Mirren?

“Hopefully, hopefully. I think with the goal being scored in the second half, it meant that there was more space for me in the middle and that changed the game too. Because we played through a little bit more than we did in the first half, which was more like a battle. So we do need to take that through to our next game, we know that. So it’s going to again be a crucial, crucial game.”

Does it help knowing that you only need a draw next weekend?

“Yes, I’d rather be in our situation than theirs. That’s the reality of the things. But you can’t go there and think that you can get a draw. It’s hard to get a draw. You need to go for the win with the way that you set up, you can’t do that at this stage of the season. You’ve just got to play to win and we also need to put in a big performance because of what’s on the line.”

How important was it to get a reception like that from the fans after the game?

“It’s always good. They are always there for us and always cheer us up. And I think for the last couple of games especially, they’ve been here for us and showed a lot of enthusiasm. So it’s good and hopefully they can show it again next time out as it’s another away game for us.”

Is that the longest you’ve gone between scoring goals?

“You know what? I’ve never thought about that. But probably yes. Probably something like fifteen games, it has been a long time.”

Was your last goal in the first game back for Hamilton?

“No. But yes it’s been a long time. It’s not that I haven’t played well or anything, just that attempts haven’t gone in you know. With my first shot I started positive so it was a bit frustrating for the team as a whole. But hopefully I can add more from now until the end of the season and help Hamilton stay up.”