Statement from the Chairperson

Hamilton Academical FC recognises that football can have a very powerful and positive influence within all sectors of the community, especially on young people. Not only can it provide opportunities for social and emotional inclusion and wellbeing, it can also help to support and develop valuable life skills, such as confidence, leadership and teamwork.  These positive effects can only take place, however,  IF football is in the right hands, the hands of those who place the welfare of young people first and foremost by providing support, protection and empowerment.

We, as a Football Club, have a duty of care towards children and young people and to support this ethos, have the following policies and procedures in place which must be read, understood and adhered to.  As overarching principle, these provide the Football Club with robust guidelines which will protect children and young people from harm.

Diversity and inclusion is of paramount importance to Hamilton Academical FC, where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their background, age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, socio-economic status, religious belief and/or sexual identity.

Everyone has the right to protection from all harm and abuse and Hamilton Academical FC is committed to achieving this through the implementation of these policies and procedures.

Our Safeguarding & Children’s Wellbeing Officer can be contacted at anytime through the details below.

Matt Boyle

Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer (CWPO)

Foys Stadium, New Douglas Park

Cadzow Avenue