Imrie and Redmond post match Tuesday

Dougie Imrie and Danny Redmond shared their thoughts after a disappointing result against St. Johnstone with web reporters Martin McConnell and Mark Gillespie…..

Dougie Imrie

Your manager is refusing to concede that you’re safe. What about yourself?

“Aye, you never know in football. You never know what can happen. So you’ve got to go there and try and get a positive result, we’ll go there and try and win the game.”

I suppose Hamilton beat Morton 10-2 was it? That sums up the freakish nature of football doesn’t it?

“You’re right, so we’ve got to go there and try and get something from the game. We can’t rely on other teams, we’ve got to get something from the game. I’m obviously disappointed with tonight. It’s the same old story. Two goals conceded again. I think we’ve scored over sixty goals now, well, fifty at least. We shouldn’t find ourselves in this position, you can see where our problem lies. The amount of goals that we’ve conceded has almost killed us.”

The manager was very disappointed with that and a bit frustrated.

“Aye, no wonder. You know, it’s our job and sets us up well. It’s the same thing every week, it’s the same mistakes that keep happening and it’s no wonder that he is frustrated. And as his players, we’ve got to start stepping up to the mark and dealing with that better. It’s like I said, with the amount of goals that we’ve scored, we should be further up this league and out of this position. No questions about it, we’ve caused our own downfall with the amount of goals that we’ve conceded, and that’s why we are where we are.

It’s been a fairly traumatic season off the field for the club, a lot of change and issues with the fraud. It will be quite an achievement if and when you do stay up.

“Yes, obviously it will take something dramatic on Saturday to cause us not too stay up in the league. But like you say, if we can stay in the league with all that going on, then that’s fantastic for the club. If we do manage to do that and stay in the league, then next season going forward we need to cut out the mistakes that we’ve been making this season. Because, if that happens next season, then there’s only one way we’ll be going and that’s exactly the same as this season and the one before that. Having to go in to the last day of the season and having to beat Dundee 4-0 to get in to a play off. It looks like this season we’ve managed to stay tenth and stay up automatically without the need for a play off this year. But going forward as a club we need to stop the mistakes that are happening at the back. Because with the amount of goals that we’ve scored, we should be fine and dandy, without needing results going our way and having to scrape up points for ourselves. It’s disappointing because we have a good team there. We all work hard Monday to Friday and for whatever reason, when it to comes to Saturday, we just concede silly, stroppy goals. Like the manager says, we play a five, well a three, and shouldn’t be conceding the goals that we concede. We’ve got extra men in there to deal with that and it’s not happening. The manager is right to be so frustrated and disappointed with the players. It’s now up to us as players to take the club forward next season, after getting past Saturday first.”


Danny Redmond

It wasn’t the ideal result tonight but you’ve almost certainly secured Premiership football for next season.

“Yes, we’re 95% there but need to go into the Motherwell game on Saturday in a positive manner. Do everything right through the week in training leading up to the game, then do it on Saturday.”

What happened with the caution when you went down in their penalty area?

“I don’t know whether I’ve kicked myself, but I’ve definitely been tripped. I was running at pace and the lad said that he kicked me when I was already down. I don’t even know if it was inside or outside the box. So I’m not complaining, it’s just one of those things.”

David and yourself gave the Saints defence something to think about, especially in the first half.

Yes, I link up with Temps really well. We’re both clever players and know where each other are going to be when we get in to certain situations on the pitch. It’s always good to create a partnership like that with a player, me and David seem to have it.”

Defensively the side seemed to switch off a few times and it cost you big once again.

“Yes, definitely. It’s something that needs working on. A few balls over the top and they seemed to be in, so we need to work on that, tighten up and show that with a positive result against Motherwell on Saturday.”