Dougie Imrie & Steve Davies post match Saturday

For the final time this season Martin McConnell cauht up with the players post match.

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Dougie Imrie and goalscorer Steve Davies spoke to the press following the 2-0 win against Saints that secured another season in the Ladbrokes Premiership…….

Dougie Imrie.

Was it all a bit emotional?

“Aye, a little bit. It’s been a long time coming but it’s here now. It’s great for the club, that’s first and foremost.  Another season in the Premiership is fantastic. I always thought that it would go to the last day with all it’s twists and turns. We had a chance on Monday night against St. Mirren but it wasn’t to be as it was obviously tough after Gogic got sent off after thirty minutes. I thought that St. Mirren did really well by making the pitch big but I knew that we’d get the result today. I knew the character of the dressing room and know what they can produce if they want to. But that’s the problem. We know what we can produce when we want to, we just can’t do it often enough. It’s been our Achilles heel for large parts of the season. I know how the manager wants to play and you’ll probably  all doubt us once again and have us down for relegation. Hopefully the manager can implement his ideas and bring in the players he’d like, push us up the table and get us away from this situation where we fight relegation every season. We’re better than that and just not showing it.”

That’s more than 500 games. Has it gone in a flash?

“Aye, thirteen years. No, it’s been magic too be fair. My career has been good because I’ve played without injury you know. You see good players picking up injuries and it kills their careers a wee bit, but fortunately for me I’ve stayed clear of serious injury and been able to play every week at every club I’ve played with. I’ve enjoyed my time here at Hamilton, best of all the clubs, and played my best football here, so that’s why I’ve enjoyed it best of all at Hamilton. I’ve got to thank the fans and managers at the clubs that I’ve been at previously. Without them, my career wouldn’t have been as good as it was so I’d like to send my thanks to them and the fans. So it’s pastures new for me with the coaching now.”

You’ve been coaching the kids for a wee while now. Is this the next stage for you now?

“Yes, I’ve been here doing the coaching at Hamilton for four years whilst playing as well. So I’ve got a wee start and finish my ‘A’ license assessment in the summer, so that’ll be me as qualified as I can be apart from my UEFA Pro. So, it’s all good and delighted that the club have given me the opportunity to continue coaching with them in the academy.”

Is it important that you finished on a high? It would have been a bit of a downer if you’d had to go through the playoffs or relegation.

“Yes, obviously today I thought it would be a great way to finish and get over the line. The team staying up is what it’s all about, that’s what it comes down too. The club. With the end of my career I just wanted the club to stay up, and we achieved that. As a group, as a whole, we’ve achieved that. It will be great being part of the coaching staff next season and back in the Premiership. All credit to the players and the staff and the manager when he came in. You’ve written us off all the time and we’ve gone up to Aberdeen and beat them, beaten Hearts here when we were given no chance. We’ve now pulled it out the bag again. Going forward, I’m sure the club and the manager don’t want to be in that situation again. Hopefully next season we can try and push a wee bit harder up the league and gradually build on that each season going on.”

Did you fancy that free kick at the end?

“I did, and I thought Tony was going to give it to me but for whatever reason he hit it. But no, we won the game and that’s enough for me, going out on a high. In years to come, I can look back on my career as being good. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and wouldn’t change a minute of it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and my years here have been fantastic.”

Do you fancy a week in Magaluf with boys?

“No, I’m back to work tomorrow morning at ten o’clock with boys. We’ve got a match at Murray Park if you fancy coming along for that one.”



Steve Davies

Steve, well done. Can you sum up how that feels?

“It’s a big feeling. Everyone has been against us, no one wants us in this league. But you know, there’s twenty five lads in there that will give everything for the club and the shirt. I think that performance today just shows how important it is for us to be in this league and we’re in it to stay.”

Have you picked up on that sort of siege mentality since you’ve arrived here?

“Yes, listen, I’ve only been here for a short period of time but you can sense it. We don’t have the biggest fan base but we’ve got a gang of lads that are loyal to each other and we give everything. I know different managers moan about the pitch but it’s not our fault. We’re just honest professionals and we want to win football matches. We did that today and we secured our place in this league.”

Where does that goal rank in your career? You’ve scored a few.

“Listen, it’s what I’m paid to do, score goals. It means more for me because of the fact that lots of people here work hard, week in and week out. They don’t get the credit that they deserve and it’s more for them than myself.”

What did you think way back at the start when you first joined, remembering the fact that the manager that brought you is no longer here?

“I think I had a couple of offers back at home but it’s always something that I’ve wanted to do. You know, it didn’t take me long and I had a couple of conversations with manager. He told me that it was like a sort of siege mentality and that suits me. Since coming here the boys have been first class and they’re just an honest bunch of lads. If you can’t go to work with them every single day and enjoy it, then there’s no point in being here. I’ve absolutely loved my time here. I’m looking to stay for another year and we’ll go from there.”

When will you speak to the club about that?

“Yeah, we’ve been in the process of doing it anyway. We just had to wait and see what league we’d be playing in. As far as I’m concerned I’m playing here next season and we’ll go again.”

When you see someone like Dougie Imrie out there in tears, is that what it really means? The heart beat of the club?

“Yes, Dougie has been an unbelievable servant to the club. I haven’t known him long but he’s just class with everything he does.  You know, we leave here after training at two o’clock and he’s here training the kids. The club means so much to him. And to come into work and be alongside those type of characters is amazing. It’s the first time in my career and I’ve played for some massive clubs, that I’ve came to a club that you literally know every player and member of staff. They really go out of their way to help you. It’s an amazing place to work.”

That must give you a great deal of satisfaction that you’ve done it for them.

“Yes, definitely. I knew it was always going to be a challenge coming up here and being away from my family. It’s the first time that I’ve done it and everyone’s been brilliant. My little girl’s here. Every time that she’s off school, she’s here and comes into training. She knows the lads like I know them and it means the world to me that I can give the club something back. I scored the second goal and Ziggy scored the first. But the second one just gave us that little bit of breathing space and confidence too say ‘we know we’re just a small team but we’ll give it a go against anyone on this pitch’.”