Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach programme will act as a Centre of Excellence, guiding the young, vulnerable, under privileged and less able towards specifically unique healthy activities and creating meaningful activities for other age groups. To support and co-ordinate the charities housed within our grounds, including Blameless and the veteran charity Soldiers Off the Street among others. 

Co-ordination and Support of Addiction Programmes

Our co-ordination and support of addiction programmes both encourages and supports anyone with issues relating to addiction to come along to any of our 12 step fellowships housed within the grounds of the stadium

Alcoholics Anonymous  Helpline  – 0141 226 2214
Cocaine Anonymous Helpline – 0141 959 6363
Gamblers Anonymous Helpline – 0370 050 8881
Alon-on Helpline – 0207 403 0888
Families Anonymous Helpline – 0845 120 0660
Narcotics Anonymous Helpline – 0300 999 1212

blamelessBlameless Charity 

Blameless Charity was formed to provide fun times, happy memories and a vision of hope  for the future for children and families affected by alcoholism and addiction.

hacf-lWoman’s and Girl’s Football Club- “Achievement through Unity”

The Hamilton Academical Women’s & Girl’s Football Club was established in 1992. The club ethos is a club for girls who want to play football, irrespective of their ability.

solSoldiers Off The Street Scotland

Soldiers Off The Street Scotland is the Scottish branch of Soldiers Off The Street UK.  
A new charity with a dedicated group of people determined to help the forgotten ex service personnel whose lives have been affected by homelessness.

Training For Freedom

Hamilton Accies have been facilitating and supporting the Training for Freedom programme for a just over 8 years within the grounds of the Club at New Douglas Park, Hamilton.

Located within the heart of Lanarkshire we support prisoners who are in the process of being released by encouraging self development, developing social skills and self esteem. In addition we offer the opportunity to be responsible for their working role within the club, which brings a multitude of positive outcomes.

This worthwhile and very successful venture provides an excellent benefit to the prisoner in his quest to be reintegrated within society. Prisoners that are part of the programme complete a successful community work placement before they are eligible to be paroled.

The structured work day that we provide allows them the opportunity to evidence commitment, willingness and desire to comply with all the conditions met, building an attractive portfolio for review and consideration by the Parole Board.

Supporting  Autism & Additional Support Needs Community

Hamilton Academical FC  recognised an identified  need within the community to support families affected by Autism and additional support needs  and is proud to have established a strong network partnership within this specialist area of the community, sharing  information and support  among practitioners, various autism network partners, third sector businesses, non-profit organisations, local charities, NHS Scotland and local authorities throughout Scotland.  This will allow parents, children/adults affected by autism, their siblings and wider family to feel valued, understood and reminded of the positives being part of their community can bring.

To support and recognise the caring role identified within the community, our bi weekly Parent/Carer Support group is a safe and welcoming environment to allow parents and carers to give support and advice to each other under a new style of approach. There is an abundance of help, support, opportunities and resource available to your family. All of which fall within the four main areas identified as core family values:

 *Health & Wellbeing
 *Education, Training & Employment
*Sport & Recreational Activities
 *Finance, Welfare Rights, Grant & Funding opportunities.

 Our aim is to ensure all families across Scotland, are given a clear and concise pathway to finding the suitable support as and when required whilst ensuring they receive optimum care from statutory and non-statutory services. 

If you are interested in learning more about joining our Parent/Carer Support Groups, please email: for further information or call 01698 368650

lifeskillsLifeskills Care

Lifeskills Care is a registered Scottish charity working within local communities, aiming to enhance self esteem and motivation for individuals who are looking to increase their employment prospects and improve their job opportunities. Providing advice and guidance on the following:

  • Basic IT support
  • Health and well-being
  • Education and training courses
  • Volunteering
  • Benefits advice
  • Energy savings
  • Environmental efficiency and health advice

0808 129 0207


Hamilton & District Men’s Shed

The aim of Hamilton & District Men’s shed is to work in partnership with other organisations and agencies to develop opportunities and activities for people retired or thinking about retiring,  they also want to encourage people to remain physically and mentally active and promote active citizenship.

Hamilton Academical FC are delighted to be able to house and support this great initiative.  Operating within our stadium some of the activities include; woodwork, gardening, crazy golf, electronics, board games and socialising.

The Shed Men provides men with a place to share their hobbies, interests and practical skills with free refreshments provided.

Sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am until 4pm.